A look back at the Deutsche Kongress Master Data Forum 2021

At the Deutsche Kongress Master Data Forum in Düsseldorf the focus was primarily on the topics of Digital Trans­formation, Master Data and Data Governance. The Communication there­fore provided interesting insights into matters such as the current status of data governance projects at the compa­nies taking part, which came from various indus­tries. In a number of exciting workshops and round tables, talks were given and discussions were held on topics ranging from trends in master data management and data quality as a success factor to the successful imple­mentation of a data governance structure.

At the Master Data Forum, the following trends became clear:

  • The goal is to become data-driven: Companies are collecting more and more data. Technology is contin­uously adapting to this and the need for infor­mation is growing. In order for the data to yield usable infor­mation, the quality of the data must be of a certain standard
  • The motivation behind the data quality strategy often comes from the specialist divisons: The question is not whether the topic of data quality is addressed within companies, but how it is addressed
  • The driving forces of data strategy are among others missing revenue as a result of incorrect data, risking a bad image and processes within the company that are requiring improve­ment
  • Change management is gaining in importance in large projects
  • Companies want to make greater use of the data available to them and be guided by the data. The necessary infra­structures, processes and methods of working must be geared towards this
  • Data management and data quality are therefore directly linked to corporate success
We’re already looking forward to the Master Data Forum 2022!

Impressions from Düsseldorf

Credit: © BIG.Cube

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