The Strengths of Busi­ness Intelli­gence

The strength of Business Intelligence and its BI system is the collection of data from different sources, evaluating them and finally visualising them. Business Intelligence thus takes on significant tasks in corporate management: Preparing company data as well as market data and competitive data and converting it into information that can be used as a basis for successful business decisions.

The Expectations are Rising

At the same time, the expectations of Business Intelligence and the responsible departments are becoming increasingly complex and multi-layered. In recent years, we have experienced that departments are having increasing difficulties in specifying their requirements. This is mainly because it has become very difficult for them to define their professional requirements without including the company’s own IT framework. Business Intelligence systems have been in use in companies for at least 20 years and are therefore very well integrated. Green-field approaches (i.e. a complete redesign of systems and processes) are therefore practically non-existent.

A Conflict of Objectives Arises

The IT departments would like to continue to use the previous investments as much as possible and, at best, only expand them in such a way that the gaps that have arisen due to new requirements can be closed. The technical departments, on the other hand, usually want to set and implement their requirements without the constraints of the IT framework. We see it as our primary task to solve this conflict of goals of both areas in the best possible way and to take over all activities from Business Analysis to technical implementation to post-go-live. With our SAP HANA platform team, we are also able to take over the basic tasks for our clients in the project and operation.

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Challenges & Solutions in Business Intelligence

For executives, managers and other decision-makers, reliable data from Business Intelligence is an important support in achieving their goals. They recognise correlations from this data and draw important business conclusions. In order for them to obtain this important data, the challenges of tomorrow must be considered today. We know these challenges and the best solutions for them:

Increasing Data Volumes

Data volumes are constantly increasing, and at the same time people want to receive business information almost in real time. The specialist departments are increasingly required to not only automate complex issues, but to digitise them completely.
The demands on the timeliness of data are becoming ever greater. Results and reports go from monthly to daily to near-time and real-time. This development must involve all stakeholders, from the systems to the reports to the employees.

Actuality of Data

Access for Business

A clear demarcation between IT and technical departments is no longer possible in Business Intelligence. Business users are becoming more IT-savvy and already work mainly in IT-supported solutions. They access data and reports themselves. Therefore, the technical requirements must be aligned with the technology – and vice versa.

Even though Business Intelligence (in contrast to Business Analytics) only provides answers to known questions or requirements, rigid reports are no longer sufficient here either. Users appreciate the flexibility of modern reports in which they can evaluate different data at the click of the mouse.

Interactive Reports

Premium Consultancy for Busi­ness Intelli­gence

We help you to transform existing data in your company into information and to gain new knowledge about the status quo, the perspectives and the business environment – in near real time. Together with you, we analyse your needs. For this purpose, specialists are at your side who speak the language of your departments and then implement the new solutions together with your IT. This way, you generate real added value for your company.

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