Data Provisioning & Integration

With the knowledge and experience from numerous projects, we accompany you in setting up your data architecture. We integrate these into your individual system landscape. To do this, we choose a modern approach in the area of data provisioning & integration and understand SAP HANA as a central element that can be used by SAP but also non-SAP tools.

We offer you everything from a single source: from the preparation and implementation of data loading into SAP HANA to access to the data by other systems. Our consulting portfolio includes both SAP tools and non-SAP tools. This guarantees you the highest flexibility and future security.

Challenges in Data Provisioning & Integration

Large Amounts of Data

Large Amounts of Data

The amount of complex, rapidly changing and sometimes poorly structured data is constantly increasing in companies.

Technical Connection

Technical Connection

A specific technical solution for connection is implemented for each source system. This is costly and maintenance-intensive.


Heterogeneous data

As a rule, technical or professional keys for harmonising the data are missing.


Redundant Data

Data is processed in several systems, so redundancies and duplicates can occur.

Inconsistent Data

Inconsistent Data

Temporally different processing processes of the data can lead to inconsistent states.


Outdated Data

Too large frequencies in the provision of data lead to insufficient data timeliness.

Challenges in Data Provisioning & Integration

Large Amounts of Data
Technical Connection
Heterogeneous Data
Redudant Data
Inconsistent Data
Outdated Data

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Our Approach

We offer you comprehensive expertise and are happy to go the whole way with you, from the analysis of the existing situation to the development and operation of the solution. We offer the following services:

Data Provi­sioning Archi­tecture

Based on our experience, we advise you on the basis of a comprehensive catalogue of criteria and thus create the basis for your decision-making.

Source Systems

Together with your IT, we ensure the technical connection of the different source systems.

Data Replication

Depending on the data source, we optimise the type and performance of the replication and transform the data into the desired target format.

Data Quality Layer

We would be happy to consult you on setting up a company-wide quality layer to ensure the data quality of your entire data inventory.

Data Layer

We develop a data layer in which the data is made available via generic interfaces for consistent further processing in your data inventory.

Together We Build Your Data Architecture of Tomorrow!

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Selection Process - from the Longlist to the Decision

We support you in setting up a company-wide architecture for data connection and data integration. As a SAP Gold Partner, we have certified know-how in SAP’s data integration tools and also have expertise in non-SAP data integrators. Each of these tools has its own advantages and disadvantages, which need to be evaluated according to your requirements. This is optimally achieved, for example, with the help of a comprehensive catalogue of criteria.

With us, you have the optimal partner at your side on the way from the longlist to the selection of your final solution. In doing so, we first jointly define your specific evaluation criteria and go/no-go criteria for future data integration solutions and then select the optimal solution.

Based on specific evaluation criteria for data integration solutions and the go and no-go criteria defined by you, we support you on the way from the longlist to the selection of the final solution.

In the subsequent phase, we jointly implement the planned integration of the solution into your existing data and system landscape. Accordingly, we have shown you a possible architecture in the following picture as an example.

Case Studies & Extracts from our Projects

Find out how we implemented SAP SDI Realtime without write access at our client's premises. Read blog post now >>

Establishment of a company-wide DQM layer including the integration of the Q-THOR product to ensure the data quality of all relevant company data.

Systems: SAP HANA 1.x / 2.0 | BW on HANA | MS-SQL DB | Oracle DB | SDI

Connection of 7 source systems (more in planning).

Content: DP via SDI | Structure of the SDI architecture | Connection of the data sources | Replication tasks | Flowgraphs

Deployment of Smart Data Integration (SDI).

Connection of a Data Hub to a BW on HANA system.

Systems: SAP HANA 1.x / 2.0 | SAP BW on HANA | HANA Native System | SDI

Conversion of the heterogeneous connected systems to a central Data Hub.

Content: DP via SDI | Structure of the SDI architectur | Connection of the data sources | User setup | Performance optimisation

Establishment of interface and delta determination for the loading of the SAP BW system.

Development of a reporting platform for accessing analytical tools, e.g. Power BI, on the basis of a SAP HANA system.

Systems: SAP HANA 1.x / 2.0 | Power BI | R

Provision of the data room and access.

Content: Set up permissions for HANA Native Views | Creation of reporting views on the HANA system | Setup access from Power BI | Setting up the analytic layer on the HANA system

Deployment of the HANA platform.

Get to Know Us Offer: Analysis Workshop

We are happy to offer you the opportunity to get to know us without any obligation and to discuss your requirements. If your requirements and our services match, then the next step is to offer you a workshop in which we develop possible solutions together. During the workshop, you will also receive a first concrete estimate of the expected expenses.

Workshop Content

Analysis of the data sources to be connected and your system landscape, as well as discussion of possible solutions.


Result document for the assessment of your data sources and system landscape, including effort estimation for further steps and solution approaches.


2 day workshop on-site or remote incl. documentation of results.

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FAQ's to Data Provisioning & Integration

With Smart Data Integration (SDI), SAP has taken the approach of being able to map all requirements through one tool. SDI offers real-time and batch connection of the data plus additional virtual access to the data. Virtual access makes it possible to use data without having to persist them in the company's own system and thus consume storage space. However, as a component of SAP HANA, SDI is designed to replicate the source data in the target system SAP HANA. Almost every tool has strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, we recommend a detailed analysis of the requirements based on a comprehensive catalogue of criteria at the beginning.

The selection of the best possible tool depends on several influencing factors. The following aspects, for example, are included in the evaluation: the number of data sources, the required data timeliness, the number and types of recipients. To identify a suitable tool, we recommend a requirements analysis in which we analyse your system architecture together with you and prepare the basis for the decision-making process of the tool selection based on a catalogue of criteria.

No, not necessarily. HANA offers very good ODBC/JDBC connections that make it possible to access the database with a wide range of tools. Apache Spark, for example, is very suitable for the batch connection of large amounts of data.