Data Ware­house

In a Data Warehouse, thematic data is extracted from distributed data sources. These are then saved unchangeably in chronological order. The Data Warehouse thus serves as the basis for evaluations of all decisions made by a company.

We believe that a Data Warehouse system should be primarily source system specific and generalist in design to meet its requirements. Because nowadays it must be able to flexibly answer any questions a company may have (see Business Intelligence). At the same time, however, it must be modelled in such a way that it can always be expanded.

Data Ware­housing and Busi­ness Intelli­gence

Business Intelligence aims to answer known questions from existing and heterogeneous data in the company – if possible in real time. A Data Warehouse makes this possible and should therefore be set up centrally, strategically and independently of individual report-specific requirements of technical departments.

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State-of-the-Art Busi­ness Intelli­gence System

The key to success in Business Intelligence and Analytics therefore lies in the underlying Data Warehouse. In our opinion, this is the key to success: a Business Intelligence system that meets the requirements of its users. It is much more than just a data storage place, it is the basis for valuable data analysis and meaningful data visualisation. In our opinion, such a state-of-the-art Business Intelligence system is characterised by the following five success factors.


Queries must be made available quickly and with high performance.

Data Quality

The error rate must be as low as possible so that the data does not lose quality.


In case of new requirements, the system must allow for quick expandability.

Data Actuality

Similar to operational systems, it must be possible to retrieve data in real time.


The time and cost of maintenance must be low in order not to burden the operational business.

Competent Consultancy

We support you from the conception to the set-up and maintenance of your Data Warehouse system. In addition to the above 5 success factors, we also set the following important challenges, for example:

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