From tedious delays and budget overruns

The shoe pinches in numerous places during data migration. Unfortunately, one of the most painful points often lies in the quality of the data being migrated. Essentially, the problem is quite simple: the quality of the data being migrated must be ‘correct’. First of all, this is because inadequate data quality leads to new plausibility checks and data cleansing. In the long run, this in turn leads to tedious delays and unplanned budget overruns.

Key challenges of data migration

Experience has shown that in almost all of the data migration projects carried out, the main challenges are:

  • reliable statements regarding the structure of data and content
  • increasing expenditure for IT and specialist divisions on the implementation of new plausibility checks
  • efficient, prompt performance of data cleansing

Data migration is not just time-consuming; it is also cost-intensive. It is therefore vital to take the key challenges into account right at the beginning in the project and budget planning stage. This does not mean that budget and time planning in migration projects must be increased by dizzying amounts, however.

Data quality in migration projects

When migrating old data to a new system, it is often assumed that the data will already have the expected content and be in the right format as expected for the new system. Unfortunately, however, that is not usually the case, which results in a lot of manual work. A standard software can greatly reduce the time and budget involved here. This is because, on one hand, it ensures that the data being migrated is reliable while, on the other hand, it also automates data cleansing. The figure below illustrates a potential scenario, the example here being the standard software Q-THOR:

Datenmigration mit Q-THOR

One initial milestone is the performance of data profiling analyses on the pool of data being migrated. Based on these results, the necessary data plausibility checks can then be applied and performed. Finally, the data defects can be exa­mined and clean­sing orders for this data can be generated.

Formula for successful data migration: Expert knowledge + standard software

Anyone who has ever worked in data migration can confirm: Expert knowledge of data analysis is vital. Another success factor is the use of a standard software. More and more project managers are discovering this fact. This is because a combination of expert knowledge and standard software enables migration projects to be planned more reliably and carried out more successfully. Furthermore, the standard software quality checks defined for the migration project can be reused later during the productive operation of the new system. The software Q-THOR is a piece of standard software that has already proven itself in migration projects among other things and demonstrated these exact benefits.

Written by Tom Schütz

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