Q-THOR – Certified by SAP

SAP officially certified our standard software for increasing and ensuring data quality, ‘Q-THOR’, for use with SAP HANA 2.0 through the SAP inte­gration scenario HANA-APP 2.0. With this certification, SAP ensures that external providers’ solutions can be integrated safely into SAP land­scapes. The software can now officially be found in the SAP Certified Solutions Directory. You can find out which steps Q-THOR went through during the certification process and what the certification means for us and for our clients in the following blog post.

Q-THOR went through the following certification process

The following processing steps, among others, were requested and examined by SAP during the Q-THOR certification process:

Benefits of certification for (future) users

All these steps were passed success­fully and Q-THOR was thus certified by SAP at the end of the process. It was there­fore ensured and attested by SAP that Q-THOR can be installed without any problems. Further­more SAP confirmed that the software can be inte­grated seamlessly into the system landscape and Q-THOR runs reliably on HANA.
We are proud of this quality seal. Along­side to the product beeing available in the SAP store and the endorsement by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, it is another accolade that recognises the quality of our product. This is how we generate real added value for our customers, because by using Q-THOR, we enable them to successfully handle the issue of data quality, a challenge that companies will be facing for decades to come.

Because of Q-THORs generic architecture, it also runs on non-SAP landscapes

Q-THOR wins users over with its completely generic architecture and can be easily integrated into any system and data landscape without altering these. The land­scape can be both SAP-based and non-SAP-based. The loading and inte­gration of data for Q-THOR can take many forms, depending on your system landscape and your availability require­ments, for example.

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