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Benefit from our expertise in data modelling and software development directly on the SAP HANA application server. In doing so, you’ll be using the high performance of SAP HANA, SAP’s in-memory database. The development on SAP HANA includes the definition of the data model, the specification of tables and views including the indices and the partitions. Furthermore, the conception of an authorisation concept and its implementation is part of the SAP HANA development. The application development can be done natively in SQLScripts and by means of calculation views or with an application layer in the XS runtime. Different frameworks can be used, such as XSJS, node.js and Java.

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Requir­ement Manage­ment

We derive the application and data architecture from the analysis of your requirements. We then design the solution to implement the requested features.

HANA Appli­cation Development

We implement your requirements using SAP HANA objects and in strict compliance with clean code principles. You benefit from our Project Management >>


We support you in test management from the first day onwards. Kick-off to acceptance and go-live of the solution. Build an efficient test execution with us using automated tests.

Project References

Reference 1: Data Quality Assurance Tool

Together with our clients, we have created a tool to check input data according to configurable parameters. This is realised via a wizard that creates checks. The data is made available to the user in different aggregation levels via various reporting views. This makes the plausibility check of the data clear and efficient.

Reference 2: Release Dashboard

A release dashboard has been created here, with a release Excel file at its centre. In this file, several teams make approvals on a specific record. In accordance with the role-based design principle, an implementation was therefore chosen in which additional teams can be added to the dashboard without additional programming effort. As soon as all teams have released, the follow-up processes start automatically. The application is historised and allows changes to be tracked at any time.

Reference 3: Generic Upload Tool

In this project, a generic upload tool was created to which another upload interface could be added at runtime via a configuration interface. This made it possible to load an additional file into SAP HANA without any further programming effort. The tool was developed to perform and function very well regardless of the file size and even with parallel loading.

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Together we Implement your own SAP HANA Application Quickly and Successfully.

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Insights into SAP HANA Objects

A schema enables the structuring of data, both logically and from an authorisation point of view. Using CDS table definitions, the tables become transport/deployable and sequences prevent race conditions.

SQL script procedures or scalar or table functions: any SQL can be mapped with this to design data queries and processes.

Calculation views are used to generate high-performance data views. This enables complex data mergers and calculations.

Calculation views or database tables are made visible to the front-end via an OData interface using REST services. This interface harmonises perfectly with SAP UI5/SAP Fiori apps.

XS JavaScript is an additional application layer. It enables the mapping of more complex back-end processes and the enrichment of the application by means of e-mails, 3rd party API usage or job scheduling.

By means of roles, application permissions and anonymous technical users, it is possible to set exactly which users are allowed to see or execute which areas of the application.

SAP HANA supports different transport methods to bring the developments from the development environment to the productive environment. Examples include Charm or Pipelines using Git and SAP HANA command line interface.

The XS job file defines the details of a task that you want to execute at a scheduled interval (e.g. an XS JavaScript or an SQLScript).
The XS job file uses a cron-like syntax to define the schedule at which the service defined in an XS JavaScript or SQLScript should be executed.

FAQ's to SAP HANA Development

You can connect any 3rd party API in SAP HANA. For this purpose, the target path must be stored in a configuration file and the certificates as well as the authentication type must be set. You can then access this path from SAP HANA, for example, to create tickets in Microsoft Azure DevOps or to fetch data from a service in order to incorporate it into your program logic.

We have many years of experience and can select the necessary tools depending on the requirements.

SAP Tools:

  • Business Application Studio – For Cloud Development
  • HANA Web-based Develop­ment Workbench – For SAP HANA XSC Applications
  • WebIDE – For SAP HANA XSA Appli­cations
  • HANA Studio – For onPrem Appli­cations

Non-SAP Tools:

  • Visual Studio Code
  • Git

A basic understanding of data sets as well as experience with SQL are certainly helpful to gain a foothold in these topics. Programming experience, especially in the language JavaScript, can also help you to quickly overcome one or two initial hurdles.

More than 1,000 Features Implemented

We are happy to support you from the strategic conception to the implementation and operation of your developments. Our 15 HANA and application developers have already implemented over 1,000 features in SAP HANA and are happy to assist you regardless of your infrastructure, i.e. both on-premise environments and SAP Cloud environments.

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