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What makes BTP so special?

With the BTP, SAP is creating a modern business platform that will make it possible to bring technology into business processes and thus further digitalize and automate them.

Easy Integration

BTP represents an unprecedented change for SAP. BTP makes it possible to break down data silos and create an intelligent, fully integrated company. BTP is not limited to SAP-only solutions. Non-SAP and SAP tools and workflows are integrated for seamless end-to-end processes. The tools and interfaces required for this are provided in BTP.   

Open Ecosystem and Partners

Thanks to the simple integration of applications, SAP makes it possible to select the right solution for the challenge at hand. This solution does not have to come from SAP. SAP focuses on its strengths and expands these with a partner network, for example in the area of AI or data governance. This means that customers can choose from SAP’s growing range of services, partners and third-party providers.

Innovation, Cloud only

BTP is the strategic platform for innovations. This means that further developments such as AI are only offered in the BTP.

Key Features of the SAP Business Technology Platform

BTP combines Data Management, Analytics, Application Development and Integration into a single platform to enable seamless and efficient collaboration between different business units.

Thanks to its scalable architecture and flexibility, BTP adapts to the individual requirements of your company and enables you to react quickly to changes in your market environment.

Thanks to NoCode/LowCode tools, applications can be created by users themselves. Business users model data and prepare it on their own. Supported by the digital assistant Joule, which can create applications or reports automatically.

With robust security features and compliance standards, BTP offers the highest levels of data protection and security so you can focus on growing your business without compromising on security.

By continuously developing and integrating new technologies, BTP ensures that your company is always at the cutting edge of innovation and equipped for the challenges of the future.

Reduce complexity and costs by consolidating your applications and data on a single, integrated platform. Use Cloud ALM and set it up in 15 minutes to get an overview of your entire system landscape.

Accelerate the development and delivery of new applications and services to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and gain a competitive advantage. The simple setup and licensing model allows you to quickly implement PoCs that can then be scaled.

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BTP Use Cases


With the Integration Suite, BTP provides a comprehensive service for integrating processes, apps, data and much more.

API Management:

With the API management tool, companies can create, publish, manage and monetize APIs. This enables them to securely share and control their digital assets to facilitate collaboration with partners and customers.

Data Integration:

Data integration enables companies to collect, transform and load data from different sources to create a consistent and reliable data basis for their decision-making. The SAP Integration Suite offers options for data replication, cleansing and harmonization.

Process Integration:

The illustration shows an example of an automated process that checks a customer’s order and maps the ordering process. This includes a check for the correct file format, an order limit and an automated approval workflow: if the order is correct, the order process is started and the customer receives a notification. In this scenario, the entire process can be mapped via an interplay of services in the BTP. Using the document extraction function, the system automatically recognizes the contents of the order and workflows and approval processes can be mapped using SAP Build Process Automation.

Clean Core

With the help of BTP, SAP applications such as S4 or Success Factors can be extended via side-by-side extensions. Here you can develop upgrade-stable extensions that individualize the core applications. The programming environment can be ABAP, Java Script or another language.

Classic examples of a side-by-side extension are supplier portals, hub scenarios, AI technologies or analysis. In addition, there are other considerations such as app maintenance, the choice of programming language or full control over the life cycle of the extension.


DevOps improves collaboration between developers and operations. The BTP provides the option of code storage, pipelining, automated tests as well as continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).


SAP is pursuing two paths of AI integration in BTP:

  1. AI in SAP Apps/Services

Applications such as SAP Success Factors, SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP Build Code and many others are given access to the “Joule” digital assistant. This makes it possible, for example, to create applications automatically, receive evaluations via natural language input and much more. New options are constantly being added here.

  1. Intelligent Data Apps

With SAP AI, the data models of the major providers can be easily integrated. These can then be used by developers to build AI extensions. This also demonstrates SAP’s strategy of no longer doing everything in-house, but rather giving users the opportunity to utilise the best on the market.

The use of AI via SAP also offers other advantages:

  • Data Protection and Privacy: Ensure compliance with strict data protection regulations by leveraging SAP AI Core’s robust security measures. This is especially true in contexts where strict privacy policies and regulations prohibit the transfer of data to external, proprietary LLMs. A self-hosted LLM with SAP AI Core becomes an extension of the SAP Generative AI Hub.
  • Security: Protect your data and applications with state-of-the-art security protocols and the SAP AI Core infrastructure.
Datasphere & SAC

With Datasphere, SAP delivers the next generation data warehouse. With Datasphere, you are equipped for all analytics requirements. Datasphere enables self-service modeling and access for more flexibility.

Comprehensive data governance functions and a simplified data landscape. With its outbound functionalities, Datasphere also serves as a data hub for the data products of your business units.

In combination with SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), you benefit from the seamless integration that you can use to analyze and plan your data.

Find out more on our Analytics page.

BTP as a Platform

The BTP can simply be deployed by an administrator and developer. However, to maximise the benefits, it takes more.

With Transformation Suite consisting of LeanIX and Signavio, SAP has two powerful tools for the introduction of BTP, especially in combination with the introduction of S4. Here, the target images can be defined for processes and systems, which can then be compared with reality.

In addition to the Transformation Suite, SAP Cloud ALM provides functions for monitoring the platform. For example, utilization, integrations or compliance with the Clean Core Standard can be monitored here. It also provides checks regarding the hardening of your cloud landscape. So you are on the safe side. And the best thing here: SAP Cloud ALM is free of charge! And it can be set up in around 15 minutes.

BTP also changes the area of responsibility of SAP Basis, which no longer has to take care of the infrastructure. Instead, Basis takes on a more strategic role and becomes an enabler of Self Service for business users. However, this independence must also be monitored and will be the major challenge in BTP.

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