A look back at the 4th Master Data Manage­ment Annual Forum

The 4th Master Data Manage­ment Annual Forum held by imh in Vienna provided interesting insights into the current status of the data infrastructure and data processes of companies from various industries. From data governance, through data lake and data mesh up to story­telling in data analysis; a variety of exciting topics were discussed in a number of presen­tations.

Data quality as one of the key topics

Data quality was one of the biggest and most important issues linking all the topics mentioned. This was made particu­larly clear by the fact that almost all of the presen­tations and discussions illus­trated the importance of data quality. The speakers’ and participants’ opinions were divided on only one point: where should the starting point for improving data quality be located? While some recommended a top-down approach in which the push has to come from management, the others favoured a bottom-up approach with the momentum coming from the specialist division and the users. Our product Q-THOR fits perfectly into the presentation ‘Data Quality as a Success Factor in Times of Explosive Data Volumes’.

Data-driven as the new goal

Those two days in Vienna made something very clear: Companies are always guided by their data and must gear their methods of working, processes and infra­structures towards it. Time and time again, companies condemn the fact that legislation in this area is lagging behind its fast-paced development. All of this poses huge challenges — in IT departments and in the specialist divisions that process data. One other thing also became very clear in Vienna: a company that is guided by data can only be successful if its data is correct. Data quality is therefore directly linked to corporate success.

Impressions from Vienna

Credits: © imh

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